Study Reveals Going To Church Together Makes Happier, Stronger Relationships

Are you happy in your relationship? If not, try going to church. A new study, by the Institute For Family Studies reveals that couples that attend religious services, and pray together, really do stay together; and also tend to be happier than those that don’t. The majority of both the men and women surveyed describe themselves as either “very happy” or “extremely happy,” when couples shared their faith.

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Church Attending Happy Couple Healthy Relationship

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The analysis discovered that 78% of couples that shared a faith, along with a regular religious attendance, also reported to have happier overall relationships. Similarly, the more engaged the men were in their church attendance, the more the relationship improved. (Continued Below)

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Image: Institute For Family Studies

This may not come as a surprise to most church-goers, since churches tend to offer services that promote family life and relationship growth. Another important element that added to relationship satisfaction, was having friends that  also were actively participating in the congregation.

Church Attendance Couples Relationship Happiness Healthy Strong

Image: Institute For Family Studies

Unsurprisingly couples that prayed together on a weekly basis also scored high on the happiness scale, putting some solid evidence into the popular saying, “couples that pray together, stay together.” All in all the study seemed to find that when couples devoted time together in a shared devotion to faith in various forms the relationships tend to thrive.

So if your relationship isn’t doing as well as you would like, and you haven’t already, give church a try.

The analysis reviewed information from a 2006 study by the National Survey of Religion and Family Life, and had a sample of 1,600 working-age adults (18-59) who were in heterosexual romantic relationships.

Article: Institute For Family Studies