Study Finds – Christians Happiest Among All Faith Groups

After conducting several studies centered around the happiness of people and general life satisfaction, the Office of National Statistics has found that the happiest people in the nation happen to be Christians. That wasn’t the only surprising fact to come out of the study, as one of the fastest-growing groups, “the nones,” who do not identify with any particular religion; tended to score the lowest in life satisfaction.

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According to the Christian Post, “the study which was released on Tuesday found that Christians (including all denominations), reported an average mean of “life satisfaction” a 7.60. This was the highest mean table, who alongside Hindus posted the same number. The groups with the lowest average score were the non-religious at 7.41 and “any other group” at 7.31.”

Similar to the “life satisfaction” results, general happiness for both Christians and Hindus scored the highest averages at around 7.51 while non-religious groups scored the lowest at 7.22. The interesting result found that around 45% of people that attended church regularly would generally describe themselves as “very happy” while only 28% that did not could say the same. The study shows that “Greater levels of church attendance predicted greater life satisfaction,” even among people who just claimed faith to be an important factor in their lives.

Study Finds Happiness Among Christians Most Church Attendance

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The groups the most frequently showed in the results as “very unhappy” tended to be those that never went to church. When asked about the reasons for these results, Psychiatric Doctors mention having a feeling of support amongst a group they identify with was important, as well as people’s outlook of the future tended to play a role in overall happiness.

The study was conducted with a sample size of 304, 740 people exploring questions about life, happiness, well-being and various other categories. Based on this study, if you want to be happier with life, you might want to try following the biblical example, “of not forsaking the assembling of ourselves.” (Hebrews 10:25)

Article: Christian Post