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When Kate Hogan left her stuffed bunny rabbit at the 5-star Adare Manor Hotel, in Ireland, her parents thought the beloved doll might have been gone for good. That was until the hotel made a post on facebook that said, “I lost my owner at breakfast” and showed a picture of the bunny receiving top notch treatment while the girl was away. What followed in the days leading up to the two reuniting was the sweetest thing.

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VIP Bunny Girl Hotel TV

Image: Facebook/ Adare Manor Hotel

The Hotel continued to give updates about the great times the rabbit was having at their hotel. The photo caption saying, “I have to stay at Adare Manor tonight, hopefully, my owner will come to collect me tomorrow,” and showed the doll relaxing and catching up on some much-needed rest.

VIP Bunny Doll Girl Hotel Tanning

Image: Facebook/ Adare Manor Hotel

The next day refreshed from the nights sleep, the rabbit was able to catch some sun by the hotel pool. The picture caption explaining he was, “Chilling before breakfast.”

VIP Bunny Girl Receives Reunited Afternoon Tea

Image: Adare Manor Hotel

Having a cup of tea, it was the bunnies favorite for desert..carrot cake of course. Apparently the doll was settling in quite nicely as the post relayed he was, “Getting used to this, afternoon tea at Adare Manor.”

VIP Bunny Girl Receives Hotel Treatment Walk

Image: Facebook/ Adare Manor Hotel

Getting directions to the nearby shopping was a treat, and the concierge helped point out the way. The caption reading, “Off to stretch my legs with Claire after afternoon tea..”

VIP Bunny Girl Massage Hotel

Image: Facebook/ Adare Manor Hotel

Almost back to his old self, the bunny got a deep fur massage, the lit candles gave the room a calm atmosphere. Rumor is that Kate may be back in the morning with the post mentioning, “Just enough time for a massage from lovely Kate in the treatment rooms before I go home. It’s been a wonderful holiday but I can’t wait to see my owners again!

VIP Bunny Hotel Girl Doll Reunited

Image: Facebook/ Adare Manor Hotel

At last! When Kate was able to finally retrieve her cherished doll she could barely contain her excitement. Happy as could be as the two were reunited, but this time, she won’t be letting her bunny out of her sight.

We think it was a nice thing for them to do, it certainly made our day.

Article: GoodNews Network