The Removal Of Statue In Capitol Is Reaffirmed By Top Court

After a legal court battle that lasted nearly 3 years, Oklahoma’s Supreme Court issued a statement that a monument containing the Ten Commandments must be removed from the Capitol. The statue, made entirely of stone with the Ten Commandments engraved into it, has been standing since 2012 at 6 feet in height.

Carrie Dedrick-ChristianHeadlines

Carrie Dedrick-ChristianHeadlines

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When the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission requested to keep the monument in place, the Supreme Court rejected it. The motive of this change was due to a violation of the Constitution in which one religion is being aided by state property.


In early July, Republican Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, claimed that she would maintain the location of the statue while a way to cease the ban was being searched for. So far, the official instruction to remove it was not released, as they still await an answer from the district court.
Despite reaffirming the ban, the state is still looking for options to maintain the monument, according to spokesman Alex Weintz.


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