Surgeons Tried Desperately To Save Terror Attack Victims

Image: Saint Louis Hospital in Paris

Image: Saint Louis Hospital in Paris

Heroic medics were forced to be crammed into a crowded room as blood-soaked victims were struggling to fight for their lives. The surgeons, doctors and nurses worked tirelessly around the clock to save as many people who were gunned down by ISIS as they could.

This dramatic photograph was taken at the St Louis Hospital in Paris. It perfectly captured the feeling that night. Every doctor was pushed to their breaking point in the battle to save as many. Many were critically injured, 132 people killed.

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Sheets were crimson colored stained, medics can be seen racing between hospital beds attending to patient needs.

‘People were shot in the arms, legs, the thorax and their chest. You can not imagine the psychological trauma as well. It is difficult to explain but many of the patients were silent when they arrived despite their injuries.” – Philippe Juvin, head of emergency services at the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris

One nurse, known as Catherine, described the night’s events at St Louis Hospital as ‘surreal’.

I prefer to remember this incredible wave of solidarity that I have seen: all the staff, the doctors, surgeons, nurses who spontaneously phoned to offer the support and come in the middle of the night without even that we asked them. That night, I would hold that I was proud of my profession, my colleagues and my hospital. ‘

Without hesitation, every doctor came into the hospital ready for the worst.

Image: Reuters

Image: Reuters

Article: Daily Mail