Swaddling A Baby Isn’t The Best Idea – Try This Technique Instead!

Swaddling baby

Image: Picture: News Corp

If you’re not familiar with the wrapping technique known as swaddling, it is a technique for soothing a distressed baby and preventing sudden death syndrome. Mothers oftentimes swaddle their infant tightly in a blanket so that their limbs are restrained and are unable to move.

However, some Australian doctors have issued a warning about swaddling infants recently. In their study, they found that swaddling a baby could lead to joint development issues like ‘clicky hip’. It makes sense as well, babies grow at a rapid rate, and if they are confined often to a certain position as the study indicated, this popular calming method could lead to joint development issues like Hip Dysplasia or ‘clicky hip’ later in life.

Swaddling baby

Image: Picture: News Corp

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One wouldn’t think that it would, but this study proves that wrapping your baby incorrectly can have serious effects.

If it is left undetected, hip dysplasia can lead to problems with the hips and difficulty walking. Eventually, it will cause hip disorders and deformities, including osteoarthritis, to develop in adulthood.

swaddling baby

Corrimal Physiotherapy

Now we know that there are far better alternatives than to swaddle our babies in a too tightly confined position. But if we leave a good amount of leg room when bundling up those little bundles of joy, it will allow for their joints to develop properly.

Swaddling babies

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