Size In Syrian Churches Grow Every Day!



More and more committed Christians have been attending churches, regardless of horrific discrimination toward them.

So far, at least 230 Christians have been reported missing. Many more are threatened by the Islamic State, but that doesn’t stop them from actively praying to and serving God.

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According to Pastor Tom Doyle, who works for e3 Partners as vice president and Middle East director, some Christians in Syria are actually evangelizing for Christ.

Doyle is the author of his book titled “Killing Christians”, which shares a story about 10 Syrians who built churches. They were given the option to leave the country and live their lives peacefully, or stay in Syria and risk everything due to their beliefs. All 10 Christians chose to stay, and even teamed up with 15 church leaders to continue building more houses of prayer. “[T]o seal this commitment they went out and bought a plot of land so they can bury each other when they die as martyrs,” mentioned Doyle.

“The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church,” are the famous words of Tertullian, a legendary Christian author and apologist.

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