Kids Will Be Kids

When persecuted Christian refugees from Syria began to flee the conflict in the Middle East, and flood into Europe, Canada, and other areas that granted them asylum; many of the refugees were children. These kids have had to face some of the harshest things that our World can throw at them and have seen some of the most downright evil things committed by the hands of men. Despite what they have seen, the innocence of each of these children remains and they are a unique kind of special.

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Children Syrian Refugees Experience Snow Sledding Day First Time

Image: Youtube/ David McNab

Giving these refugee children a chance to just be kids again the Casa Maria Refugee Homes, along with the New Canadian Centre wanted them to experience the joys of a Canadian winter. Most of these kids have never seen snow let alone got to play in it, so they took the kids sledding and their response to the snow day, is downright heart-warming.

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Video: David McNab