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When it comes to the statistics of who generally attends church it may not come as a surprise that women make up the majority of attendance and generally attend up to 75% more than men. It may only be fitting, (no pun intended) that one church in Taiwan has created their church building to be a 55-Foot tall replica of a blue high-heel shoe.

No, This is not a joke. The 55-Foot tall, 36-Foot wide structure, is made up of over 320 individual blue tinted glass panels. The purpose it seems is to draw in more female attendees to the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, which is already a popular tourist area in Taiwan.

Set to open its doors on February 8th, 2016, Pan Tsuei-ping, the churches representative, assures people “that the church will not be used for regular services, but rather for pre-wedding photo shoots and wedding ceremonies. In our planning, we want to make it a blissful, romantic avenue… Every girl imagines how they will look like when they become the bride,” Ms. Pan told the BBC.

Blue Slipper Church China Women High Heel

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The shoe was inspired by a local story, that according to officials “in the 1960s, a 24-year-old girl named Wang from the impoverished region suffered from Blackfoot disease. Both of her legs had to be amputated, leading to the cancellation of her wedding. She remained unmarried and spent the rest of her life at a church.”

The slipper-shaped church has drawn mixed reactions from the local community though the response from women and female tourists has generally been one of excitement.

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Article: BBC