Fatal Accident

A tragic accident in Orlando Florida Saturday night has left one 13-year-old dead, along with many seeking answers. The young teen, who was accidentally shot in the back of the head by his 18-year old cousin, was inadvertently playing X-box at a family members home.

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13 Year Old Shot Cousin Riding Hoverboard Fell Handgun

Image: Chad Schafer / DC Photo Design

The 13-year-old victim, Lavardo Fisher, died 2 days after being rushed to the hospital in critical condition. According to the report, Fisher’s 18-year-old cousin had a loaded gun and lost his balance while riding on a Hoverboard scooter. He was holding the gun when he fell causing it to accidentally discharge, striking Fisher in the head.

“His cousin admitted to finding the firearm under a bed in his brother’s room.” The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said, “Lavardo is the stepson of a sheriff’s deputy, and urged all adults to be more mindful of storing weapons.”

It is a sad time for the family of Fisher, with people close to him saying he did well in school as well as on the football field. Last year he was named a Pop Warner All-American Scholar, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The 18-year-old was not charged in the accidental death, although the owner of the weapon, Walter Morame, was arrested Sunday for possessing a weapon as a felon.

Article: NBC News