Mother Is Reunited With Her Daughter That She Was Forced To Give Up For Adoption As A Teenager

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Mother daughter reunion

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When 50-year-old Jennie Sandoval Sanders finally met the daughter she had given up for adoption when she was only 17-years-old, a river of tears flooded the room! Jennie was worried that her daughter, Dina Hardaway, might resent her, but it was only by Dina’s efforts that the meeting took place.

“There was never one ounce of negative feeling about [being adopted],” Hardaway explained. “I’ve always thought it was the most selfless thing [she] could do. It’s hope. She took a gamble.”

As a teenager, Jennie was given an ultimatum by her parents: Give up the baby for adoption, or never come back home.

“I sobbingly and tearfully signed the papers that would take my baby away from me. I missed her. I cried many tears.”

But once reunited, she learned that God had heard her prayers and that her daughter was given everything she would have hoped for.

“She had a wonderful life and parents who loved and could take care of her and a big brother… all the things I wished for her, she was given.”

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