This teen didn’t expect any of this to happen shortly before and after turning 18. Zenaida Benito just turned 18 a week ago and now has to bury her mother.  Benito’s mother, Irma Pascual passed away last Thursday due to complications from diabetes.  She was afraid that if she went to see the doctor she’d have to miss work and a paycheck, thus not being able to provide for her three daughters.

Pascual also recently had her third girl and now the oldest sister is trying to figure out how to make ends meet.  Zinaida refuses to give up hope and is now trying to raise money for her mother’s funeral while  trying to gain custody of her 14-year-old and newborn sisters.

In an interview with ABC 30, she says:

“I want us to stay together,”

She has also stated that she will continue on with college and will provide for her sisters.

The strength that she has displayed is an inspiration.

Please pray for this young and courageous girl and her family.

If you would like to donate, her GoFund Me page is located here.

Source: ABC 30