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A 17-year-old, from Kaysville Utah, is wowing the crowds at home along with the rest of the world by way of the web this week for his amazing school dance performance. His name is Gabe Adams, and without arms and legs, his talent for dance is proving it is really all about the heart.

He tells reporters, “I got into dancing because I wanted to prove to myself and other people around me that there was more to me than the kid that was in the wheelchair or the kid who didn’t have an extra activity to do and stuff like that,” Adams said. He first started to actively pursue the prospect of a serious career in hip-hop dance after being a part of the Davis High School talent show. The overwhelming response he received caused him to want to join the school dance team, and from there he’s been able to hone in on most of his self-taught skills.

Disabled Dancer Wows Crowd Amazing Dance Performance

Image: KSL News

The challenges of being a dancer without limbs became a much easier prospect for him once he realized “this is who I am, and that I need to get used to the fact of people looking at me and saying things.” Besides the initial challenges he faced, “I love the feel that I get from (dancing) … I can be free and be who I am and express my emotions and feelings through it all and come out as a completely different person after the performance,” Adams told KSL News.

Gabes Mother Janelle Adams is supportive and proud of her boy saying, “We’ve always encouraged him to not let his life be limited, and it’s just awesome how much he’s taken that to heart, because he’s done way more even than we thought he could do so it’s pretty awesome.”

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Article: KSL News

Video: Foursite Studios