Two Teenagers Rescue Injured Police Officer From Wreckage Of Overturned Car

When the truck first raced past the two teens, Kaiden McGowan, and Tanner Merrick, they didn’t think much about it. But after they saw a police SUV give chase, that’s when they knew something serious was happening. Shortly after they raced down the street, the electricity in the area went out, and the teens knew there had been an accident. They rushed out toward the scene, an overturned police cruiser settled against a power pole, and the officer was still inside.

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Teens Rescue Cop Police Officer Overturned Car Accident Wreckage


McGowan told reporters, “When we got there, there was a cop SUV on its side against the power pole. And there was a little fire in the engine compartment.” When they reached the overturned SUV they initially didn’t hear anything and began to think the worst.

“So, we were yelling at him and pounding on the car. Tanner hopped up on top and we started prying open the door and we could hear some mumbling at this point.” After helping the injured officer out of the car, they turned their attention to the flames. The engine compartment was on fire, so they did what they knew would work to put out the flames. Snowballs.

Once the officer was out of danger, “then we threw a bunch of snowballs to put out a small engine fire.” The officer got the fire extinguisher and between the three of them, they were able to put the fire out. Thanks to the heroic actions and quick thinking of the two teens everyone made it out ok. The officer thanked the teens for their bravery.