This story of two seeds with two very different outcomes, will motivate your children!

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Motivational story of two seeds

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The story of two seeds brings perspective to life, which is something that you will want to share with your children. It is about two seeds with varying outlooks on their existence, despite living in the same soil and having the same challenges.

One seed sees the potential in the risk to break free from its surroundings (soil) and to sprout out into the warmth of the sun . . . growing and flourishing into its full capacity. The plan that God has in store for it.

On the other hand, the second seed is wary of all things, unknown. Not being aware of what lurks around the corner, seems to frighten it. The potential of being swallowed up by life, is too much to bear. So, it awaits for the “perfect” time to sprout—when it deems that its existence is out of danger. So in waiting, a chicken quickly eats it!

Don’t be swallowed up by life. Don’t allow your time, to pass you up. Flourish into your God given potential by staying positive and being focused on His will for your life, and you can become more than what you could have ever, truly imagined!

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Video: Motivational Picture Quotes