10-year-old Dominic Zaffino is taking a stand against bullies who have tormented him over his height. He took to Instagram to call out his “haters,” Posting a message that has since gone viral. Dominic has undergone three-and-a-half years of chemotherapy in the fight against cancer which has in turn stunted his growth. But despite all of the struggle he has endured, even at such a young age, his classmates continue to bully him because of his height. In his message he writes: “You know I may be short, but that’s better than being dead. I am very lucky to still be living… You don’t have to be tall to win. God slowed down my growth for me to be the best person I can become.” Zaffino says he wrote the message because he thought it would help other kids that can’t stand up to bullies. His message has also gotten the attention of many celebrities, including Questlove of The Roots, who wrote: “Don’t let anyone’s words keep you from your destiny in life.” This heartwarming story shows us that you should never judge someone, especially because you don’t know what may have been through.