oldest living conjoined twins

Meet Ronnie and Donnie Gaylon. At 64 years old, these brothers are the world’s oldest living conjoined twins. Simple tasks like walking or grabbing an item prove to be one of the biggest challenges the brothers face. Together they are able to tie each others shoes, dress each other, and even feed one another.

oldest living conjoined twins

Their younger brother Jim, told Nine Lives Media 1 that when Ronnie and Donnie were born in 1951, doctors didn’t even expect them to make it through the night.

But over six decades later, they are still thriving.

“They’re one body, but very much two human beings,” says Jim of his two brothers.

conjoined twins


MLive.com notes that a customized bed from Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital has also greatly helped the twins, allowing them to sleep better and improving their “health and quality of life.”

Although their customized bed and family support has helped them pull through and live happy lives, it’s the amount of love that they have for each other that has been most important.