Amazing Creation

What from far away first looked to me like it was a termite infested tree, really is more than meets the eye up close. You’ll begin to notice that not one detail of this intricate tree carving has been missed. The talented Chinese artist, Zheng Chunhui, created this one of a kind piece of art spending years tirelessly carving the beautiful landscape scene featured and the result are stunning viewers around the globe.

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Carved Wood Tree Trunk Chinese Artist Sculpt

Image: Shareabley

What began as an uncarved tree trunk, formed and whittled down slowly by the hands of Chunhui until it finally developed into what you see here. The tree, which is now a fully sculpted art piece is titled, “Along The River During the Quinming Festival,” and is displayed in the Palace Museum in Beijing, China.


This fully formed ancient Chinese scenic landscape is complete with siheyuans, people, places, plants bridges, and forests. Chunhui’s massive masterpiece tree carving is over 40-feet-long and has even made the “Guinness Book of World Records.”


This tree sculpture is a “replica of a famous Chinese scroll painting from the Song Dynasty over 1,000 years ago,” which features over 550 3-D carved villagers.


Ancient Wood Carving Art Chinese Tree Sculpture City People Stunning Incredible

Image: Shareably

This truly is a stunning work of art, intricately detailing ancient life in the bustling cityscape. It is hard to imagine this was all created in 4 years.

Article: Shareably