Image: Prayers For Tom Babb

Image: Prayers For Tom Babb

Family’s Prayers Are Being Answered

January 1st of 2016, we brought you the story of Tomy Babb, a young man who was vacationing in Hawaii for Christmas that had a terrible accident while playing in shallow water.

Now, we want to share with you all his amazing recovery. After the 19-year-old dove into shallow water, he became paralyzed from the chest down.

Pray For Tommy

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He had shattered his C-5 vertebrae and fractured vertebrae around it. At that time, he was able to move his arms but not his fingers or anything below his heart. The doctors at that time were not optimistic and chose not do surgery and said, “there is no hope.” Tommy tells The Tab, “I broke my back and doctors say I’ll never walk again.”

His family and friends never lost hope. They said, “We however know where our hope comes from and we serve a miracle working God.”

They were praying for a miracle and God is delivering.

Image: Prayers For Tom Babb

Image: Prayers For Tom Babb

In this picture, he is seen standing up for the first time thanks to the help of a special machine. The machine locks out his knees and hips and supports his back so that he can stand. He was up for 20 minutes!

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Hi All -Steve here. In this video, you see Tom working hard to build back some strength. This is an “FES” machine (functional electrical stimulation) that helps him exercise his upper body. Part of what you see here is powered by real impulses from biceps and shoulders, and a lot of it is still being powered by electrical signals sent through the patches you can see on his arms. The rebab technology he is exposed to on a daily basis at Craig is amazing. He currently could not pump this device with only his own strength, but with the technology, he is able to boost his own efforts to help exercise his upper body. On the machine, it shows how much of his own strength is turning the crank vs. a computer. Every week, his own ability to power this machine grows. You can see in his face and eyes the attitude in which he is approaching his greater challenge. #TomStrong is alive and moving forward. His strength and attitude inspires us all daily. The attitude in the video is the real deal we see very often in his recovery. Please keep him in your prayers. God is good, and Tom feels His love and we all appreciate the prayers and love of the community of people supporting us.

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This is an “FES” machine (functional electrical stimulation). It is used to help him exercise his upper body.

There is no doubt that all the prayers made by his friends and family helped him live. God has a plan for everyone. Tom Babb’s journey has just only begun!

Article: Prayers For Tom Babb