Top 7 Evil People Ever Mentioned In The Bible

 1. Cain – Genesis 4:1-8

Cain has forever been labeled the first murderer for killing his own brother out of pure jealousy. Abel and Cain were both the first sons of the earth. Abel was completely devoted to God. God found favor in Abel, and this just didn’t sit right with Cain. He decided to take matters into his own hand and asked Abel to accompany him to a mountainous area. That’s where he lethally struck him in the back. Cain was then banished by God to forever wander the Earth alone.



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2. Nephilim – Genesis 6:1-8

When Satan rebelled, he was also trying to get many of God’s angels to rebel with him and start a revolution. In time, some angels actually started to listen to Satan. They stopped doing God’s will in heaven and came to planet Earth where they transformed themselves from angelic beings into a more human type of species. Those angels then took wives for themselves and eventually reproduced. This offspring became known as Nephilim- Half angel half human. They had physical strength unmatched by anyone. They robbed, looted and killed many people on Earth.

3. Goliath – 1 Samuel 17:1-54

The Philistines were trying to war with the free people of Israel and enslave them. Their military leader was a man that was known as Goliath. He was taunting the Israelite army for a recorded 40 days. Then one day on the battlefield he came face to face with one of the bible’s greatest heroes: David. David asks for guidance from God and strength. He slingshots a pebble into Goliath’s forehead and kills him.


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