Wrong Side Of The Tracks

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In Kyoto, Japan the West Japan Railway Co. kept running into a problem, literally. Wondering turtles kept trying to cross the sets of  railway tracks, and would get stuck in-between the railway switches. Once the switch points began to move, the turtles were then crushed by the weight. There have been 13 train disruptions between 2002 and 2014 because of the turtles, and usually it’s a bad end for the unsuspecting reptiles.

A collaboration between the West Japan Railway Company, and the Suma Aqualife Park would come up with a pretty clever solution to the problem. Their solution? Create a separate U-shaped tunnel underneath the existing tracks that would lead the critters across, and out of impending danger.
So far the idea seems to be working, presently the company has credited itself with saving the lives of at least 10 turtles. The Company will be continuing to monitor the additions, making inspections each month to determine the level of success.

The lives of turtles may not be a matter of utmost importance to most, but many of these creatures lives can be saved by a few simple tweaks and a bit of unwanted ingenuity.

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Article: City Lab
Video: kobedigital