Twin German Marathon Racers Have Viewers Puzzled As To Why They Held Hands On Their Way To The Finish Line

Olympians spend years and years training for their sport, overcoming grueling hours of physical pain and countless hours away from their home—missing out on family functions.

So, no doubt, it’s a blessing when an athlete shares the love for the same sport as a sibling . . . especially a twin. Lisa and Anna Hahner trained together and had the honor of competing at the Olympics. However, what they did towards the end of a marathon that they both participated in, has many viewers angry, especially those of their home country.

They decided to hold hands as they approached the finish line. So, in that seemingly innocent gesture, people have found a slew of criticism for the athletes, accusing them of ill intent, from the get go.

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Their German fans have accused them of not having the passion for the Olympics, as they should, and therefore failed to place during the marathon competition.

Sports director of the German Athletics Federation, Thomas Kurschilgen, was extremely critical of the pair, stating, “The Hahner twins Lisa and Anna ended their Olympic marathon race more than 21 minutes behind the winner, more than 15 minutes on their best performance, 81 and 82 (positions).”

He continued, “It looked as though they completed a fun run and not (an) Olympic (race).”

German newspaper “Die Welt” also chimed in on the views of many Germans:
If the Hahners jointly want to cross the finish line, beaming and holding hands, then they can—in the countryside home run in St. Pölten or the Miss-Braided run in Solingen. At the Olympics all athletes should go to achieve maximum performance, not the most sympathetic photo opportunity.”

The Hahner twins repudiated the claims that they were simply there for attention grabbing headlines. They shared that they had given it there all and that it was simply coincidental that they arrived near the finish line, at mere moments from one another.

“It was a magical moment that we could finish this marathon together. We did not think about what we were doing. We trained the last four years to participate in this marathon. Neither the time nor the position was what made us happy but to know that we did the best that was possible that day.”

Article: hahnertwins via Instagram