Fast Acting Saved An 11-Month-Old’s Life

The Chicago Tribune reports that two Chicago Police Officers named John Conneely and Michael Modzelewski, were upon the first responders who dispatched for a quintuple shooting in a South Side neighborhood on Monday night. Among all of the victims, an 11-month-old was shot as well.
Chicago Police Officers John Conneely and Michael Modzelewski are being hailed as heroes for what they did next.
The two made a split-second decision to break the department protocol and take the baby to the hospital themselves. While on route, they let the hospital know that they were heading in. In doing this, they were able to save the 11-month-old’s life.

Officer John Conneely described the life-saving decision to NBC Chicago: “We were approached by the woman carrying the 11-month-old who was bleeding and crying, screaming and everything like that, and with no ambulances on the scene we decided to make the decision to get this child to the hospital as quickly as we could to try to save his life.”

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Video: Chicago Sun-Times
Article/Second Video: NBC Chicago