Both Girls Were Quickly Given An Answer To Their Hopes And Prayers!

The power of social media will never fail to amaze us!

One teenager from Phoenix, Arizona, set out to find her half-sister and birth mother by posting a photo and video on Facebook. They feature her holding up a large sign on which she wrote her full name, Katherine Rebecca Leigh Wilson, as well as her motive and contact information. It didn’t even take a full day after that because, within hours, she was contacted by her half-sister, Kelsey. It turns out that Kelsey had posted something very similar to Facebook about a year ago and now both of their questions were answered.

“Hi, my name is Kelsey. I’m looking for my sister! Her name is Katherine Rebecca Wilson. As far as we know, she lives in Arizona. Her birth mothers name is Cynthia Wilson. Please ‘share’ this and help me find her,” is an excerpt from Kelsey’s hand-written sign.

Check out this amazing story below!

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Article/Video: 12News