Uber Driver Goes On A Killing Spree In Kalamazoo, Michigan

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On February 20th, Jason Brian Dalton went on a 7-hour long shooting rampage in the Kalamazoo County of Michigan. Authorities are saying this was a complete random act of violence  and are working on trying to make sense of the case.

Dalton, who was an Uber driver, was said to have been picking up and dropping off passengers between the shootings.

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The killing spree began at a Kalamazoo County apartment complex, where Dalton shot a woman multiple times around 6 p.m.

Fifteen miles away, a father and son were shot dead about four hours later as they shopped for a car at a dealership.

Just a couple of minutes after this, Dalton then went to the local Cracker Barrel restaurant parking lot and shot and killed 4 older women and left a 14-year-old girl gravely injured.

Dalton himself was a father of 2, and was arrested soon after midnight Sunday after his car was spotted by a deputy.

Our prayers are with the families of all of the victims that are still coping with this random act of evil. May God open his arms to each and every one of the souls taken by this man’s evil actions, AMEN!

Video: Wall Street Journal