These Identical Twins Were Born 2 Weeks Apart!

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When you think of identical twins, you think of babies who were born just a few minutes apart and from the same mother. That’s the story of Link and Logan Gorveatt – to some extent.

These identical twins’ story is something you’ve never heard of before. Logan  was born this past October 17th, after his identical twin brother a born on September 29th.

Link was born prematurely at 23 weeks and weighed just over one pound. Their condition is known in the medical field as twin-twin transfusion in which they share the same placenta.

“One baby becomes anemic and weak from blood loss. The other baby becomes overstuffed with blood, bloated and goes into heart failure.” – Dr. Martin Walker, Gorveatt’s doctor and a fetal medicine expert at Evergreen Health Medical Center

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