We Pray That God Forgives Those Who Do These Types Of Things, For They Do Not Know What They Are Doing

Upside down cross

Image: Video Screenshot

Police in Fresno’s Tower District made a disturbing discovery just recently. Saint Therese Catholic Church was vandalized when someone spray-painted 2 upsides down crosses on the church doors.

Representatives with the Diocese of Fresno said nothing else was damaged. It seems like the perpetrator only wanted to make get a sick point across.

It shows kind of a decline in values for people. People used to think of churches being sacred, we never used to have to lock the doors. People could come in and worship anytime they wanted to. Now we have an iron fence around the place to keep it from being vandalized,” said Kevin Mills, Knights of Columbus, parishioner.

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We can only pray that God forgives those people, for they do not fully comprehend who God is.

Video: ABC 30