Government Releases Millions Of Parasitic Wasps In 24 States

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They aren’t your average wasps. They are tiny, they aren’t yellow and scary, and they don’t sting humans.

This type of wasp actually really benefits us. It’s like our own little insect army that we have dispatched to save our dying trees.

The US Department of Agriculture have put all their money on these wasps, who they think will be a key ally in the fight against emerald ash borers, invasive beetles whose larvae destroy trees across northern and eastern America in just a few decades.

The government can’t douse half the country in pesticides, so they’re going with their backup plan and use the emerald ash borers’ natural enemy: wasps.

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Wasps lay their eggs inside borer eggs or larvae, killing them before they get a chance to munch on trees.

Video: DailyHeraldClips

Article: Tech Insider