Little Girl Falls Asleep On Cop’s Lap While They Wait For Her Dad

Utah police officer Kevin Norris has been making headlines when his heart of gold shone through in an amazing incident that happened at a Utah County court.

As the story goes, a dad was waiting for his hearing at a Utah County court with his 2-year-old daughter. The footage shows his daughter running around the courtroom burning all that extra energy she had, but when her daddy had to go inside the courtroom, she couldn’t go with him.

“We’ve been there,” Norris, himself a father of two, told INSIDE EDITION.

“You’ll see from the court surveillance video that the little girl took to Officer Norris as he walked her around, getting drinks of water and treats from the Deputies at the front door,” – Orem Police Department

Clearly officer Norris is a father first, and a police officer second. God bless!

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Video: Inside Edition