The Missing Moo’s

Back in the 1920’s at a ranch called the Utah Construction Compan in Elko, Nevada, a strange occurrence continuously seemed to happen. The cows kept disappearing, and there was no obvious reason as to why. There were no signs of anyone coming onto the property, no broken gates, no footprints, signs of predators or trails leading out- just every so often 2 or 3 company branded cows would simply vanish and no one knew why…until they discovered this.

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Cows Ranch Stolen Utah Vanish Disappear

Image: Dusty Old Things

One day while looking for clues, they decided to follow a trail of hoofprints that traveled off in a strange direction. “After following the trail for sometime the cowboys came across their missing cattle being led away by a notorious trouble maker named J.R. “Crazy Tex” Hazelwood. The ranchers apprehended Crazy Tex, and that’s when they noticed the peculiar shoes he was wearing. Attached to his feet were two boards mounted on top of two cow hoofs each! The ranchers then realized why they hadn’t seen any human tracks.”

Stolen Cows Vanish Disappear Stolen Mystery

Image: Facebook/ Northeastern Nevada Museum

“According to local historian Howard Hickson, Tex wasn’t remorseful of his crimes, and actually bragged about how he had perfected his cow walk. Tex was eventually arrested, and served a few years in jail. The shoes, now on display at the Northeastern Nevada Museum, are a reminder of the cunning crime by one cattle rustler.”

Article: Dusty Old Things