Horrifying Health Discovery

A 42-year-old man got an unexpected surprise, when he returned home after a trip to Nigeria. What he thought was a rash, or a vericose vein on his foot, turned out to be something entirely more horrifying. He tolerated the vein, thinking that it was nothing to be conserned about, that was…until it started moving.

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“Varicose veins are those gnarled, enlarged veins. Just about any vein can become varicose, but it usually happens in your legs and feet. These veins are usually only a cosmetic concern and usually don’t lead to serious or life-threatening medical issues.”

This mans “varicose vein,” over the course of several days had moved from the side of his foot. It was at that point that he decided to get a doctors advice on the matter. After seeking medical attention they discovered that it wasn’t a varicose vein, or a stange rash, what he had was a hook worm.

You can only imagine the horror, when realizing the mistake. This “vein” was actually a infamous tropical parasite called a “Hookworm.”

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Image: LittleThings

“Hookworms usually live in the intestines of our pets, and are spread through their droppings. When humans find themselves infected, it usually from coming into contact with these droppings.”

The man luckily was able to take care of his issue by having an anti-parasitic drug perscribed by the doctor that killed the parasite.

“But the best way to avoid coming into contact with this worm is to wear shoes or flip-flops while walking on the beach. Usually this disease sticks in tropical areas, but there have been cases of a transfer happening in other climates!”

Article: LittleThings