Our prayers go out to the families of these innocent souls. May God forever hold them in our memory and in our hearts.
God, in these troublesome times it might feel easy for us to put blame on you for allowing such things to happen. Please give us direction in these tragic times, for we know that your will is never going to be understood by our imperfect minds. We ask that you warm the hearts of the victim’s families, they need you now more than ever AMEN!

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Lucero Alcaraz

Lucero Alcaraz was 19 when this tragedy happened. She had not picked a major yet but was aspiring to become a nurse and pediatrician.

Rebecka Carnes

Rebecka Carnes, 18.

Rebecka was only 18 years old  when the madman decided to take her innocent life. She was described as a “vibrant” personality and was fiercely loved by many.

Jason Johnson

Image: Joe Fryer

Image: Joe Fryer

Jason Johnson had just started classes that Monday before the shooting. He left this world at 33 years of age. Earlier in life he had struggled with drug abuse, but had successfully completed a rehab program with The Salvation Army. He had since then dedicated his life to Christ, and had always said he had finally found his path.

Quinn Cooper

Quinn cooper from Roseburg was only 18 at the time of the shooting. He graduated high school earlier this  June and died on his fourth day in college. His family remembers him as funny, sweet, compassionate, and such a wonderful, loving person.

Treven Anspach

Treven was a 20-year-old from Sutherlin, Oregon. His family describes him as “one of the most positive young men, always looking for the best in life.”

Lucas Eibel

Image: Joe Fryer

Image: Joe Fryer

Eibel, like some other victims, left this world at just 18 years of age. He was a volunteer at a local wild animal park and at an animal shelter. He had graduated from Roseburg High School with “high academic marks” and was a proud holder of scholarships. His passion was chemistry.

Lawrence Levine

Lawrence,67, taught at Umpqua Community College. He was one of the many unfortunate souls present during the shooting. Levine was an assistant professor of English.

Kim Dietz

Kim Dietz, 59, had worked as a caretaker at an Oregon vineyard. She leaves behind a daughter  who attended Umpqua Community College.

Sarena Moore

Sarena was only 44 when she was murdered. She lived in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, and had attended Reno High School. She had devoted her life to the Lord while working for the Oregon Conference of Seventh Day Adventists.