This Is A Perfect Example How Every Christian Should Show Some Love

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We just had to share this feel-good story! You never know what people are going through in their lives. Any simple action you do can have either a positive or a negative impact. What is scary is that you never know how deep that impact will be. This is why we should help our brothers and sisters at all times. A simple compliment, thank you and smile will go a long way. Replace your bad thoughts with good ones, and watch how the world around you becomes a better place to live in.

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“Brandon and I had dinner at Disney Springs, tonight and it was honestly the best dining experience we’ve ever had. Our waitress talked to us about pretty much everything and genuinely seemed interested in each topic of conversation we had. But she noticed Brandon was wearing a shirt for someone he knew that passed away last weekend, and brought us ice cream and said it was for such a hard week. Then she left this note on my receipt that brought us both to tears. I love this city so much.”

Disneyland receipt

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