An Amazing Blessing

A generous customer along with her two kids, made a Cheddar’s Restaurant employees year this New Years Eve. After receiving a $27 dollar check, one gracious customer provided waitress Heather Schelsteder with an amazing 370% tip.

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Waitress Receives 370% Tip From Customer Lucky Kindness Generosity

Image: USA Today

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When the two got to chatting, the waitress found that she had some common ground with the stranger over some painful memories, and the loss of a loved one. According to the video, “Heather had learned that her customer was a criminal psychologist struggling with grief, and faced some challenging days ahead.” The two talked about losing people that were close to them, sharing some kind words. Apparently the chat provided the customer with some much needed encouragement, and in turn the waitress received an unexpected act of kindness and generosity.

The thoughtful act brought tears to the thankful waitresses eyes telling reporters, “It really made a difference, it let me know that there are still people out there that care.” Alongside the large tip, the anonymous customer left a nice note that read, “Have an amazing New Year, it gets better.”

Article/Video: USA TODAY