A Team Of Pranksters Decides To Pull One On This Waitress – But It’s Not The Kind Of Prank You’d Expect!

A hard-working waitress named Chelsea Roff has lived a very busy life. Her past was not easy, as she suffered from a severe eating disorder that threatened her health. When she looked for help, she was told by a doctor to begin yoga, as it would strengthen her body and mind—and that’s exactly what she did. She ended up becoming a non-profit yoga teacher with her own class, and it has made her very happy. However, she struggles to pay bills and her car is in poor condition.

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So, a group of good samaritans from Break decided to help Chelsea. They set up a big surprise that came in four waves; each surprise got bigger and Chelsea’s modesty and kindness shined throughout each one. The last surprise will bring you to happy tears!

Video: Break on YouTube