Here Is What Your Poop Is Saying

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Believe it or not, the color and shape of your waste can tell you quite a lot about yourself. Just a quick glance down at the toilet can indicate many things about your health, which can even save your life! That is, of course if you know what to look for. Take a look at the following chart and descriptions because it just might save you from complications with your health further down the road.

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Shapes & Textures

Shaped Like A Sausage – is a fairly good indication that you are generally healthy.

Shaped Like A Sausage With Cracks – this would indicate you are generally healthy but drink more water.

Shaped Like A Lumpy Sausage – may indicate a fluid and fiber deficiency.

Separate hard lumps – may indicate you have a lack of fluids or fiber, you may want to increase the amount of water you are drinking and add fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Clear Edged Soft Blobs – this may be normal if you have multiple bowel movements.

Soft, Fluffy, Separated Pieces – this usually is just an indication of oncoming diarrhea.

Watery Without Solidity – this is  commonly known as diarrhea. It can have several different causes but most generally indicates some type of infection in the body.


Black – This could indicate something serious like internal bleeding, ulcers, or even some type cancer. Tell you doctor.

Dark Brown – This is the normal color of healthy waste.

Brown- Green – This may be caused by an overly leafy diet or it may indicate that food is moving too quickly through the body.

Green- Yellow – This may indicate something like a malabsorption disorder like celiac disease.

Light-Colored- White- This may be caused by certain medications or it could indicate something more serious like a bile duct obstruction.

Signs Of Blood- This can mean various things. If it goes away within a few days it probably isn’t serious. It might be smart to make an appointment and visit with your doctor if it continues.

Other Things To Consider

Normally people have 1-2 bowel movements per day so anything more than that is not normal in most cases. If you are having problems going, you might want to try adding more fruits and fiber to your diet. It may be time to consult your doctor if you are experiencing any abnormal signs in your poop.

Article: JustNaturalLife
Video: Mama Natural