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Here Is A First-Hand Observation And A Cry For Help To Parents From An Award-Winning Teacher!

It has been shown that recently employed teachers only stay on an average of 4.5 years due to a recurring reason: difficulty with parents. Under what context is this difficulty?

Fortunately, we have Ron Clark, a school teacher, who can give us more insight based on his own experiences.

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Ron explains that teachers are meant to instil education into a child and lead them onto a path that would suit their best interests. When teachers offer advice to the parents, they should take the advice.

“If we give you advice, don’t fight it. Take it, and digest it in the same way you would consider advice from a doctor or lawyer,” writes Ron.

Teachers insist that parents trust them. They don’t discuss behavioral issues with parents for fun; they do it to help.  Ron urges those to refrain from asking their child if what their teacher said is true, or to ask for the testimony of a witness. It will only further sever the bond between a teacher and parent.

Another big problem is when parents make up excuses for their children. Rather, they should make sure that their kids get their school assignments done and turned in on time; otherwise, why else are they in school? Constantly giving excuses as to why your child isn’t finishing his or her schoolwork will not help their future.

“And please, be a partner instead of a prosecutor. I had a child cheat on a test, and his parents threatened to call a lawyer because I was labeling him a criminal.”

CNN Image - Teacher Ron Clark with his students.

CNN Image – Teacher Ron Clark with his students.

Teachers are more and more afraid to deal with parents because of reasons like these and many more. If a teacher says one thing wrong, it is now more than likely that a parent will take it out of context and turn it into a huge, unnecessary deal. A teacher’s passion is nothing short of wanting to help your child grow smarter and more prepared for the future, so those like Ron ask of parents to understand and respect that.

“We know you love your children. We love them, too. We just ask — and beg of you — to trust us, support us and work with the system, not against it. We need you to have our backs, and we need you to give us the respect we deserve. Lift us up and make us feel appreciated, and we will work even harder to give your child the best education possible.

That’s a teacher’s promise, from me to you.”

Article: CNN