The Secret Lives Of Cats

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Secret Lives Cats Travel Tracking Wander

Image: National Geographic

Cats have been said to have 9 lives, that is because they tend to get themselves out of predicaments through their agility that any other animal would get hurt trying to do. The things they do and the places they go is unlike any other type of pet. They are travelers, explorers, and wanderers. Given that, National Geographic had a great idea of giving cat owners “Cat Trackers” to put on their cats for a couple weeks, to see exactly where  it is that they roam when they go outside. What they found that they do when left alone, I think would be a surprise for any cat owner.

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Who knew cats lived such adventurous and secret lives. The researchers eventually plan to crowdsource the concept and put tracking devices on a much larger population of thousands of cats. Their hope is to find out what percentage of the billions of cats that exist, may actually be making it a habit of traveling into habitats to search out prey. Whether or not they are a going to be a threat to the conservation of native wildlife in the area, as well as just the biological nature of the common house cat.

Video: National Geographic