Scientific Pursuits

For the last 6 years, ever since President Obama has taken office, he has been inviting America’s brilliant young minds to show off their scientific stuff at the White Houses Science Fair. Kids from across the country from Kindergarten to 12th grade have participated- but this year may mark the last and final White House Science Fair. Everything from 3D-printed toys, and robotics, to ways they may address climate change, will be on display with everyone hoping to impress the President.

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The President told reporters at CNN News, “If we can invite athletic champions to the White House we should be able to invite the nation’s scientific all-stars as well.”

In an official statement by the White House, they said, “We look forward to celebrating their ingenuity and entrepreneurship, not just in this moment, but as we look toward a future where they’ll be the scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and innovators who stand to change the world.”

Article: CNN