The Man Who Was Convicted Of The Hudson Family Murder Says It Was All A Set Up!

Image: Y94 via Twitter

Image: Y94 via Twitter

On October 24, 2008 the mother, brother, and nephew of Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson were murdered in cold blood by William Balfour, the estranged husband of Hudson’s sister, Julia Hudson.

Balfour was convicted for all 3 murders in May of 2009 and was sentenced to life in prison. Up until the very end, Balfour’s attorneys insisted on his innocence.

During the trial, judge Charels Burns had this to say about the claims of innocence:

“You have the heart of an arctic night. Your soul is as barren as dark space… I don’t think you have one ounce of remorse in your soul; I really don’t.”

For the first time after his sentencing, Balfour is speaking publicly about the case. He is still maintaining his claim of innocence.


Chicago’s ABC7 I-Team interviewed Balfour in a Pontiac, Illinois, prison.

Balfour maintained a story of conspiracy all throughout the interview. Balfour says that the scene of the crime was a setup. Although his cell phone records do place him near the murder scene, he says that the gun powder residue on his clothing and his car were placed there by someone.

“I didn’t have nothing to do with the case and don’t know who had anything to do with the case,”

Balfour argues that police officers, lawyers, and witnesses were all in on it.

Image: Screen Shot/ABC 7

Image: Screen Shot/ABC 7

Balfour has a long history of burglary, drug dealing, and gang affiliation. So when questioned on his credibility, he says that things just don’t add up.

“Because if you make a statement and the statement don’t add up to the way the murders happen — then it’s a problem,” he says. “That’s reasonable doubt.”

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Balfour tells the investigation he misses Julian, Hudson’s seven-year-old nephew who was murdered. He says that he loves and misses the boy.

Image: Headline411

Image: Headline411

“Heartless, straight heartless. He isn’t got no family morals, nothing.”

– Balfour describing the actual murderer of Hudson’s family.

Both the Illinois Court and the United States Supreme Court have rejected his appeal upon grounds of “plentiful evidence”. The Chicago police too, stand behind their investigation.

Do you think this man was wrongfully convicted?

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