Image: 5 News

Image: 5 News

Justice Delivered

In a prior report, we brought you the story of an officer, that saved a baby from suffocating to death after it was abandoned near a bike pathway in Compton. Porche Laronda Washington, was sentenced to 14 years in state prison on Wednesday, after pleading no contest to the charge of attempted murder and child abuse.

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According to the report, the 3-day-old newborn “was found Nov. 27, 2015, by two women taking a walk along a riverside bike path in Compton. They heard the baby’s muffled cries and called Sheriff’s Department deputies, who pulled her from a hole in the ground, wrapped in what appeared to be a hospital blanket.”

Washington had hidden the fact she was pregnant, throughout her pregnancy, probably premeditatively. “On Wednesday, Washington admitted to an allegation that she committed great bodily injury on a child under six years old.”

Article: 5 News