She Can’t Explain What Caused Her Bald Spot To Happen Until She Stops Using THIS Beauty Product

One of the most popular beauty products out there for women is dry shampoo, for people who have naturally greasy hair. Dry shampoo can be a life saver for some, like Nicole Baxter, since it has the ability to rehabilitate hair without having to wash it. Dry shampoo comes in powder form, used without the addition of water, that soaks up the extra grease in your hair.

Image: Nicole Baxter

Image: Nicole Baxter

Nicole Baxter noticed that her hair was becoming more and more itchy. Soon after, a bald spot was starting to form in the place where she felt the most itchy.

“The doctor asked had I anything on my hair at the minute, I said just dry shampoo. So she advised when I come back for the scalp biopsy to come with nothing in my hair and to make sure it was clean. I thought it was weird she said that, it’s only dry shampoo what’s that got to do with it? So I actually stopped using it all together from that day to see what would happen.”– Nicole Baxter

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At first, Nicole was misdiagnosed with Triangular Alopecia (hair loss in one area of the head), but she decided to stop the use of the dry shampoo anyway. Over the next 6-7 weeks Nicole had astonishing results.

“She compared my scalp today to the pictures that were in my file from February and asked what had I done differently in the last 6-7 weeks that may have helped it? I told her I’d stopped using dry shampoo and that was it, nothing else different. You’d of thought a light bulb went off in the woman’s head. She said it’s the best thing I could have of done for myself.”

Article: Seventeen