How One Woman Isn’t Going To Let American Children Go Hungry

Phyllis Shaughnessy’s is a 73-year-old great-grandmother that has spent every weekday this summer handing out lunches to the low income kids of Grays Harbor County, Washington. Normally, these kids miss out on reduced/free meals while school isn’t in session. School lunches is their main source of food.

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“We’re all put on this Earth to do something, Better to give than to take.” -Shaughnessy

Due to a change in the grant given to Green Lantern Lunches (Shaughnessy’s program) they couldn’t get the kids to where they needed to be in order to get the food.

Shaughnessy decided that she wouldn’t let these kids starve, so she brought the food to the students in need. Monday through Friday, her and her volunteers gather at a local restaurant that has offered their kitchen for the team to assemble the lunches. The lunch team puts together more than 200 lunches a day, which brings about the total of 7,000 total meals this summer alone

Source: Huffington Post