Worms, But Is It Really?

A woman says that she discovered something inside a popular mass market brand of green tea bags that will make you cringe. According to the video, when the woman opened up one of the bags of Lipton’s Green Tea with Lemon, she said she found live worms inside. Thinking that it may have just been an exceptional occurrence of one bad batch of tea, she decided to open the rest of the box – but to her alarm, she said “each and every bag” contained the revolting creatures.

Now obviously, something like this can happen on occasion or if you store your box of tea somewhere for a very long time- but it wouldn’t make sense that each individually wrapped package would have them inside if it didn’t originate from the manufacturer. (Continued Below)

The Lipton’s company, after catching wind of the video went into complete damage control and posted their own video (below) to explain the situation. Apparently, the pieces of lemon zest that are added to the green tea has an almost uncanny resemblance to the creepy crawlies. Perhaps not the best coincidence, but their statement to consumers is clear- There are NO WORMS in Lipton’s tea bags. We can all rest much easier now.

What do you think? Was the woman mistaken about there being live worms in her tea bags? See her video below.

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Videos: Bhairon Majria Longia/Lipton