Photo Captures A Heartwarming Moment Between A Mother And A Stranger

Image: Ehab Taha

Image: Ehab Taha

This woman’s kind-hearted gesture may have perhaps changed a man that was on the wrong path in life.

Facebook user Ehab Taha was quick to capture a moment when a 70-year-old woman reached out her hand to hold the one of a man that was acting out aggressively to the people in the train.

The photo of the two has had more than 27,000 shares since it was first posted up.

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According to eyewitnesses, the man who was riding the Sky Train in Vancouver, B.C., was cursing and shouting. Everyone in the bus was frightened of the situation.

Instead of turning away and letting the fear take over, the elderly woman reached out her hand and “tightly gripped his hand until he calmed down,”

“I’m a mother and he needed someone to touch,” she told Taha after the incident, and then started to cry.

“[The photo] resonated with people. It’s incredible to see that sometimes human touch can do so much more than anything else.” – Taha told CTV News

Post inspired by Ehab Taha