Woman Loses Husband And Unborn Child After Being Hit By A Drunk Driver

Kristian Guerrero has just lost her husband and unborn child after she was hit by a suspected drunk driver in San Marcos.

Her husband, Fabian Guerrero Moreno, and his unborn son died in a car crash. His wife, Kristian Guerrero, survived.

“I remember seeing a car, I remember seeing it swerving, I remember it coming towards us,” she said.

“A police officer came in and he sent everyone out. And that’s — I knew it, I knew what he was going to tell me. And then he told me and I just didn’t think it was true,” Guerrero said.

Each day gets lonelier for Kristian.

After Husband and Unborn Son Are Killed,

Image: Kristian Guerrero

“I would just like to prevent this. If our story can reach someone, and keep someone from getting in the car, or it can keep a friend from letting one of their friends get in the vehicle, I just hope that this would save someone else’s life because what I feel every day waking up is so hard.”

Shana Lee Elliott, 21, was the driver that crashed into the Guerrero’s car. A witness told police a woman in a bikini was seen “rolling a bottle of alcohol under a vehicle.”

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Our prayers are with Kristian, we pray that her family gets justice and that her message reaches many so that some lives will be saved, Amen!

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