The Heavens Declare

When Machaele Loraff’ from Buchanan Michigan, was on her way to work one morning a calm seemed to come over her. Unlike other days, she had an overwhelming sense of peace that despite what the circumstances may seem like, God was in control. As Loraff gazed up into the sky that morning, she could hardly believe what was there. Sun rays jutting across the early morning backdrop, had created a perfectly formed cross.

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Sign Sky God Sunrise Biblical Jesus Love Clouds

Image: Facebook/ Machaele Loraff

“I had to pull over this morning on my way to work to take this picture of an amazing sunrise! I took the picture because of the beam coming straight up off the sun and only saw the cross after I took the picture!” Loraff‎ wrote as the caption of the image.

Matt Rudkin, a Meteorologist from a local news outlet was impressed by the image and posted to his own social media page writing “Now THIS is something!” His post was shared more than 100,000 times and included comments from other users who shared similar images of their own.

The photo has been making it’s rounds on the internet, proving that a lot of people are still interested and looking for manifestations of the glory of God in their lives.

Article: CharismaNews