Insult To Injury

Tacos! Who doesn’t love them? They are a guilty pleasure for many of us, and it is no different for Rebecca Rummerfield, a frequent visitor to a Little Rock Arkansas restaurant called Casa Mexicana. But after dining in with her boyfriend during a trip to her favorite food spot, Rummerfield received an unexpected surprise on her receipt that left her completely humiliated…

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Resturant Patron Receives Unexpected Insult During Trip Mexican Arkansas

Image: KARK 4 News

Never bothering to look at her receipt previously visiting the restaurant, Rummerfield discovered a surprise that left her speechless. Even though she was familiar with the place, and was known quite well by the staff and management there, her server identified her in one of the most degrading ways possible. They called her “X Gordo.” If you are not familiar with Spanish, Gordo= Fat and the insult left her speechless.

“I turned to him and I said, ‘Oh my god, did you see this?,” talking to her boyfriend. Usually, service registers allow waiters and waitresses to write down specific identifying information like table numbers, or extra services allowing them to make sure the order is correct. They were on a first name basis with this specific restaurant so seeing this displayed

Adding insult to injury, they were both on a first name basis with this specific restaurant so seeing this displayed was unsettling to say the least.” There was no reason to have anything like that on the receipt,” she told KARK 4 News, in Arkansas. “I noticed on the line where it said customer for our tab, it said, ‘X Gordo,’ which means extra fat in Spanish,” Rummerfield said. “It really hurt my feelings because I have a thyroid disease and I used to be extremely skinny. But my weight is out of my control right now. I take medication for it.”

When she contacted the manager about the incident he told her it was meant for someone else. Needless to say, the excuse didn’t help the situation. “I went back to the bar and said, ‘Well, why did we pay someone else’s tab? Can we get our correct tab?,'” Rummerfield said. “And that’s when the bartender proceeded to tell me that he did write that, and he did mean it in a derogatory fashion.”

The whole situation was stunning. As a server herself, Rummerfield was quite familiar with the service process at restaurants. “I don’t think anyone should be treated like that,” she explained. “It’s just hurtful that we spend so much money in there to be treated like this.”

Rummerfield and her boyfriend both pledged never to go back even though the manager apologized for the incident and fired the server. They will be getting their tacos elsewhere from now on.

Article: KARK 4 News