Unintended Consequences

On Christmas Eve of 2009, a 37-year-old Belgium woman named Tine Nys, announced plans that she would seek doctor-assisted suicide. With both her parents and sisters support, she sought euthanasia through lethal injection, the reason: a bad breakup. Nys was killed on April 24th, 2010, after being evaluated by 2 doctors and a psychologist. Was this really the intention of doctor-assisted suicide? (Continued Below)

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Doctor Assisted Suicide Girl Bad Break Up

Image: Charisma News

In order for a “request to die” to be approved in Belgium, a patient must display signs of “unbearable suffering.” In Tine’s case, doctors unanimously had to decide that her break-up, reasonably justified her wanting to end her life.

Prior to her death, Tine was diagnosed with autism, yet, all 3 of her supervising doctors failed to offer treatment ahead of her lethal injection. Tine’s sisters, Lotte and Sophie, expressed disapproval of the attitude doctors took toward her request. They felt very little had been done to try and persuade Tine to live.

Flemish psychiatrist, Joris Vandenberghe, seemed to agree, commenting on the matter, “This is really very worrying. The bar for euthanasia should be higher.” Since the legalization of doctor-assisted suicide, several legal organizations have been attempting to change the policy in Belgium. They were the second country to legalize doctor-assisted suicide and the first to legalize the option for children.

Article: Charisma News