Left Out In The Cold

After a weekend of blizzards and freezing temperatures in Accokeek Maryland, a woman that was living out of her car became trapped. After surviving 3 days in a snow covered car, rescuers came in the form of Firefighters, Medics, and even National Gaurd troops. Several agencies got involved in the rescue and were finally able to free the woman using a Humvee to reach the vehicle.

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The car was located on a side street that hadn’t been plowed making attempts to reach her more difficult. A neighbor named Stephen Mackey, told The Associated Press, “he called authorities to alert them to the woman’s status. He said she had bought a home on the street, but it was condemned, so she had been living in her car. She had refused offers of assistance at the beginning of the storm.”

Woman Trapped 3 Day Snow Covered Car Rescued Medics Emergency Workers Hypothermia

Image: Emily Trapatoni

Becoming worried for the woman, Mackey called authorities to alert them to her whereabouts. Once freed she was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia.

Article: ABC News